Working in the United Kingdom 

England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales form the United Kingdom. With a population of around 66 million people and a diverse culture and varying landscapes, the United Kingdom offers many opportunities to start a new life.

From January 2021 the UK will introduce a point based immigration system which will mean that anyone wanting to emigrate must meet a set criteria in order to gain a minimum number of points to then allow them to start the process of emigrating to the United Kingdom. This new point based system will offer a more simple, effective and flexible way for UK employers to recruit from across the world. 

Overseas Opportunities will manage the visa application for people wanting to follow the Skilled Worker route. We work with our Associate Partners located in the UK who can offer skilled employment opportunities within Home Office licenced sponsor companies, a prerequisite for employers wanting to recruit outside of the United Kingdom. We only accept CV’s for jobs we have been asked to source for. When we are issued a brief from one of our Associate Partners, we will use our extensive network to look for people with the required skill sets and who can meet the minimum points criteria.

If you already have an employment offer, we can assist in the visa application process and help your future employer to make sure they have also completed the necessary documentation in order to be able to offer you a position and submit your Skilled Worker visa application. This means you can concentrate on preparing for your new life in the UK.

Different types of visa.

Skilled Worker Visa

To be eligible for the Skilled Worker Visa you need to reach a minimum point score of 70 points. These are made up of an employment offer an appropriate skill level. Other factors to consider could be your education level, the salary being paid and the role being on the skill shortage list.

Global Talent Visa

The Global Talent Visa is for highly skilled people in specific sectors such science, humanities, engineering, the arts and digital technology. The visa is designed to attract global leaders and promising individuals and allows entry into the UK without an offer of employment if you meet the required number of points and are endorsed by a recognised UK body. Scientists and researchers can expedite their endorsement process as part of the STEM scheme.

Graduate Visa

The Graduate Visa is available for international students who have completed a degree in the UK from summer 2021. This allows international students to work in the UK at any skill level for two years after completing their degree. If you have completed a PhD then you are allowed to stay in the UK for three years. This route makes it easier for some of the best young international talent to secure a skilled job and contribute to the economic growth.

We also offer assistance with Ancestry Visas for people who have family with British links and wish to live and work in the UK. The Ancestry Visa is a popular option for people wishing to emigrate to the United Kingdom if they have family of British descent and enables them to remain in the United Kingdom for a period of time before becoming eligible to appear for their British citizenship.

To summarise

Overseas Opportunities offer a personal bespoke service managing your work permit application as well as assisting you in your employment search for roles within specific sectors.

We work closely with our Associate Partners in the UK to share with us skilled worker employment opportunities with employers who are registered as a Home Office licence sponsor and actively looking for overseas skilled workers.