Working in The Isle of Man 

The Isle of Man is located within the Irish Sea between the United Kingdom and Ireland. The island is only 221 square miles or 572 square kilometres and has a population of around 86,000 people. Forty percent of the island is uninhabited allowing for green space, breath taking scenery and the freshest air in the British Isles.

The Isle of Man has a distinct skill shortage ranging across a number of different sectors making it easier for skilled workers to live and work in the Isle of Man. 

Despite the vias application process having to go via the UK the Isle of Man does not follow the UK point system and takes workers based solely on their experience and an employment offer within a skill shortage sector.

Overseas Opportunities have Associate Partners on the island to assist us in our employment search. We work with key recruiters and key employers and share CV’s and vacancies as you are ready to be able to relocate and as opportunities arise.

If you get an employment offer without having instructed us, we would be delighted to assist you in obtaining your work permit and helping your future employer to ensure that all paperwork is correct and ready for submission allowing you to relax and prepare for your move.

Different types of visa.

Worker Migrant Visa

The Worker Migrant Visa is for non-EEA nationals and allows you to live and work in the Isle of Man. An employment offer has to be obtained and it has to fall within the skill shortage list. The Worker Migrant Visa allows your family to join you on a spousal or dependant visa. The visa also offers the opportunity to travel to the UK and the Channel Isles without the need for an additional visa.

Work Permit

The Work Permit is offered to you if you are within the EU and want to live and work in the Isle of Man. Some sectors do not require a work permit and we can advise on which sectors don’t.

A spousal visa can be applied for so your family can join you. The visa is valid for one year but can be renewed annually. On this visa you can gain employment in the Isle of Man.

Business Start Up and Business Innovator Visas

The Business Start Up visa allows you to start a business which is deemed as viable, innovative and scalable business in the Isle of Man. This visa does not require any investment. Overseas Opportunities will help you with market research and writing a business plan and then the final submission to the Immigration Authority. From this visa you can move onto the Business Innovator Visa after a period of time.

The Business Innovator Visa allows experienced entrepreneurs who currently have their own business and have a minimum of £50,000 investment funds to live and run a business in the Isle of Man. Again Overseas Opportunities will carry out market research, write a business plan and manage the application process of the visa.

To summarise

Overseas Opportunities offers a bespoke personalised service to enable you to live and work in the Isle of Man. We assist in your employment search and the obtaining of your relevant visa or permit. Our relationship with employers and recruiters on the island as well as with the Isle of Man Government and the Isle of Man Immigration Authority allows us to offer opportunities for you to relocate to the Isle of Man.

Overseas Opportunities also assist with the Business Start Up or Business Innovator visas. Both business visas allow entrepreneurs and their business venture to settle on the island.