Working in Ireland

Ireland is part of the European Union and adjoins Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom. The population of Ireland is around 5 million people and the country offers an assortment of different living experiences from bustling cities to rolling landscapes to stunning miles of coastline. Dublin is the capital city of Ireland. It is also the largest city and the economic hub of Ireland.  Many of the world’s best multinational corporations have a presence in Dublin.

With substantial employment skill shortages across a number of different industries Ireland has put in place an immigration system that is designed to make it easier for skilled migrants to enter the country. 

These skill shortages allow employers to recruit for specific roles from applicants across the world when they cannot recruit from the available workforce in Ireland

Unlike many countries, Ireland does not operate a skilled points system but looks at prospective emigrants with sought after skills, qualifications and experience in sectors that are in need by the Irish economy.

Overseas Opportunities work closely with our preferred immigration partners and recruitment partners to ensure that the process is seamless. We only accept CV’s for roles we have been asked to source potential employees for. When presented with employment opportunities we source from our database and network for people with the required skill set. 

If you come to us with an employment offer we can help process your work permit and liaise with your future employer to make sure all paperwork is completed in the correct way for the visa application. This way you can focus on getting prepared for your new life in Ireland.

Different types of visas.

Below we list the main type of visa that we deal with but will happily talk to you about other visas.

General Employment Permit: 

The General Employment Permit is for roles not listed on the Critical Skills List. The employer needs to show that they have attempted to recruit someone within Ireland. We manage this process for you in order for the employer to be able to issue an offer of employment. 

Critical Skills Employment Permit

The Critical Skills Permit is for roles listed on the Critical Skills List. The employer does not need to advertise the role in Ireland as all roles within this list have been identified as having a skill shortage within Ireland. 

For both the General Employment Permit and Critical Skills Employment Permit a job offer must be presented in order for us to be able to submit any visa application.

We will also manage spousal and dependant visas to allow your family to relocate with you. 

To summarise

Overseas Opportunities offer a personalised bespoke service managing your work permit application as well as offering a thorough employment search for a selection of specific sectors. 

With the help of our Associate Partners in Ireland we have access to many employment opportunities with employers who are open and actively looking for overseas skilled workers.